Lowell Celebrates Kerouac

Lowell Celebrates Kerouac 2015

The Jeff Robinson Trio recently performed at the Lowell Celebrates Kerouac festival in Lowell MA.  We performed Kerouac’s “San Francisco Blues” and I recited the poem, played the sax while Blake and Brian accompanied me on bass and drums.  It was received well!

Blake and I performed this poem 20 years ago at the Kerouac festival.  Blake thinks it was “Mexico City Blues” but I remember it being San Francisco Blues.  Nonetheless it was quite an experience.  It was easy to settle into the jazz rhythm of Kerouac’s poem.  It helped to have so much experience with poetry/music and we just settled down and rode the words and music and we were off!

I had never recited the poem out loud until then and the band had never heard or read the poem so it was truly spontaneous as Kerouac would have demanded.  The feeling was electric!  We’ll do it again I promise!